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Pardot Gotchas: Re-using Vanity URLs for Pardot Landing Pages

A quick intro on Pardot Gotchas:

I've been documenting Pardot quick tips and hacks for a while now, for my clients and internal documentation that might be helpful in the future. All of us working in the industry are constantly learning and developing workarounds when things don't seem to work. I am a big fan of Trailblazer and other online resources that are helpful when facing challenges.

Maintaining a blog post and writing frequently is definitely time consuming, however, as much as I like finding helpful answers when I need them, I also love helping others in the industry learning quick hacks and workarounds as well.

That's how this new section came to life... now moving on to the topic:

Did you know that you can’t re-use the same vanity URL for a Landing Page in Pardot? Even if you archive the landing page!

When you are working on different landing pages and copies you will find out that at times, you need to keep track of your changes, therefore you start with the landing page that you think might be the final one, but then you end up having a few copies in Pardot.

If you already used the vanity URL on one of the landing pages, then you might encounter the same issue I had:

But how is it possible if I deleted all the previous versions?

The recycle bin in Pardot is like a hiding bin, more than a recycle one.

Here’s how to quickly fix it:

  1. Go find the Landing Page with the vanity URL you need in the recycle bin

  2. Click on undelete so you recover that page

3. Copy and paste the latest HTML into the landing page that has the vanity URL you need.

And done!

Questions about Pardot? Feel free to post a comment or send me an email!

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