Digital Advertising

€10M+ Net Media Managed

9+ years of Experience in Digital

For All Channels and formats

What We Do

Channels & Formats

All including web (programmatic), Social Media, YouTube, etc.
Display and video.

Desktop and mobile.


Prospecting and Retargeting

Awareness, Consideration and Purchase Intent targeting.

Creation of effective custom segments to improve campaign performance.

We're Certified

Google Ads (Adwords), Display and Video 360 (DBM), MediaMath T1.

Other DSP platforms: Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), Facebook Business, LinkedIn Ads.

Verification Platforms: ComScore, MOAT, IAS, DoubleVerify.

We’ve planned and managed digital campaigns for important brands including Gucci, Hugo Boss, Tiffany, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Max Factor and many more



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