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Building a Pardot Trade Show Workflow for NRF

Increasing event registration and post-event engagement.


Nextail main challenge was to consolidate and automate the booth registration process and follow up.

Not having a consolidated and automated process was generating ROI tracking issues and some missed opportunities to connect.


A Clickconnect, we built a structure for Nextail for their event presence and booth visits. A smooth workflow can not only help with lead generation but also with lead nurturing after a tradeshow.

The workflow included:
- Creation of a high-converting landing page for registrations.
- Creation of form handler and integration with a landing page, inclusive of time slots for meetings at the Nextail booth.
- Audience segmentation by tiers.
- Creation of email flows: Invite emails, Reminders, Reminders for booth meetings, autoresponder confirmation email with calendar hold with the specific time slot selected and post-event follow up email linking to relevant content.


ROI measurement

A clear ROI measurement process in place, to tie opportunities generated at the trade show to the corresponding event campaign in Pardot and Salesforce.


Created a workflow that serves as a template for upcoming events so that the marketing team members can operate independently in the future. Landing pages, forms, and email resources can be replicated for future events.


A decrease in time spent due to the automatization of previous manual registration processes, and an increase in both registrations and booth visit attendance.

Project Gallery

“We approached Clickconnect with a very specific need: Migrate our marketing automation tool and resources to to provide our customers with personalized content. Working with Clickconnect has been a great and very straight forward experience. We were able to migrate all of our resources, create new email funnels, and have our email templates ready to launch in record time.”

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Josefina Garat, CMO,

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