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Custom Integration: Google Ad Conversion Tracking in Salesforce

Tracking ROI of each campaign and channel


Ironhack, an international education company, approached Clickconnect to resolve a very challenging issue: Conversion tracking in Salesforce from paid channels.

Their Google Ads data helped them see which campaigns and keywords generated leads, and their Salesforce data which leads converted to sales, but their main issue was understanding which ads, campaigns, and keywords were actually generating sales.


For integrating Google Ads and Salesforce, Ironhack decided to go with the third-party option GA connector.

GA connector is a tool designed specifically to integrate Salesforce with Google Analytics.

In order to properly implement this solution, there's a few steps that have to be completed, from tagging properly campaign URLs, to tagging all forms, implementing the GA connector fields in Salesforce, whilst mapping them to Pardot, and then, setting up a few reports in Salesforce.


Accurate Conversion Reporting

Conversion numbers were made available in Salesforce, Google Analytics and Google Ads

Analytics data for each Lead and Opportunity

Including all UTM data for first and last click, IP address, time spent on website, and more analytics data.

Conversions at a keyword level

360 view of the marketing campaigns, showing the ROI of each channel, campaign, and keyword.

Project Gallery

“We approached Clickconnect with a very specific need: Migrate our marketing automation tool and resources to to provide our customers with personalized content. Working with Clickconnect has been a great and very straight forward experience. We were able to migrate all of our resources, create new email funnels, and have our email templates ready to launch in record time.”

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Josefina Garat, CMO,

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