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Transactional Email Campaigns

Using Segment and for eCommerce

Vitl was founded in 2015 to revolutionise the way consumers approached personal nutrition.
Vitl approached to migrate their resources to
The first stage involved all transactional emails and automatic flows, making sure designs were responsive to all screens and were following brand guidelines.
Set up correct event tracking, creating all segments needed in order to send emails, taking into account customer’s interaction with the platform and various products. All customer’s data (web and transactional data) is passed through Segment.
The last stage involved testing and securing that all events are firing properly and at the right time.


50+ Custom Emails

Customised for every customer including: Referral credit with custom liquids, free trial ending emails, cancelled free trial “win back”, and other email marketing strategies to engage with customers and prospects that influenced revenue as per increased conversion rates.

15+ Funnels

Creation of over 15+ flows or funnels to increase conversion rate along with over 80 responsive HTML email templates, which used different liquids based on customer’s interaction with the website.

Increased conversion rates

For example, custom abandoned cart email flows showed a higher conversion rate, reaching 3% in one month since implementing it. Benchmark: Email conversion rate average across industries is 1%.

Project Gallery

“We approached Clickconnect with a very specific need: Migrate our marketing automation tool and resources to to provide our customers with personalized content. Working with Clickconnect has been a great and very straight forward experience. We were able to migrate all of our resources, create new email funnels, and have our email templates ready to launch in record time.”

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Josefina Garat, CMO,

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