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How to Customise a Landing Page in Pardot (No Coding Required) - 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Marketing managers and growth hackers don’t necessarily need to have any coding skills to execute their daily tasks, however, how many times have you wished you knew how to edit that HTML email or replace that logo on a landing page without breaking all the styles?

If you could customise a landing page that was created for a specific campaign and re-purpose it for other marketing initiatives or translate it to use it in a different market, then you would be saving a good amount of time and resources. 

In this guide I will show you how you can:

  • Copy a landing page and the form handler in Pardot.

  • Customise the form and fields.

  • Edit the copy and images.

Copy the Landing Page and the Form.

For the purpose of this blog post, I will assume that the landing page you are using has a form handler. 

A landing page in Pardot has two elements: the landing page itself and the form handler. Both need to be copied and values need to be updated.

If you copy the landing page and not the form handler, then your leads will appear on the form handler linked to the original landing page.

Log in to Pardot and navigate to Marketing > Landing Pages. Click on the Settings/Gear icon located on the right-hand side of the Landing Page you want to copy.

Now let’s navigate to Marketing > Forms > Form Handlers and copy the form handler from that same landing page.

A few things you should edit:

The Success Location, most probably, will be the URL of the landing page you have copied. I say most probably because you might have a modal for the thank you message. If the success location is a separate page, make sure you include it in the form handler. If the success location is the same landing page with a “thank you” pop-up modal, then copy the URL of the new landing page you have copied and paste it on the “Success Location” field, adding a ?c+1 at the end.

Edit any other completion actions you might want to edit, like autoresponder email for example.

Now you need to insert this new form on the landing page you have copied. 

Navigate to Marketing > Landing Pages and select the landing page you just copied. On the top right, click on Edit and click on tab #4 Landing Page Content and click on the source icon.

Search for the form on the code, you can find it by searching for:

<form action="" method="post"> 

Replace the URL with the URL of the form you just copied.

Customise the form and fields.

For each form field in the form handler, you will see something similar to the example below for the Last Name field:

The highlighted text is the one you can update or translate, in case you wanted to copy the page for other markets. 

If you want to add another field you can do so by copying the section above and replacing the correct field values. 

Important: The field has to be added also in the form handler. The field id has to be identical, so you will have to replace it as well. In the example above, the field id is “lastname”. Field ids are case sensitive. 

Edit the Copy and Images.

My recommendation is to always edit the copy directly from the source, it might seem difficult at first if you are not familiar with the code, but by doing so you have fewer chances of removing or deleting styles of your landing page template.

Changes in the copy from the source are quite straightforward. 

If you want to replace any images, make sure you check the correct dimensions first.

Then navigate to Marketing > Content > Files and upload your new image. Copy the file URL and go back to the landing page source to replace that URL.

If you need help on how to set up your landing pages and forms in Pardot please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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